Can drinking the soft drink Mountain Dew cause your testicles to shrink?

Posted on 02. Mar, 2009 by Mel G in More, Sexuality

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The simple answer is no.

This is another popular urban legend whose origins cannot be traced but are based on the supposed belief that the color dye known as “Yellow Number 5″ used in Mountain Dew causes side effects to a man’s genitals.

However this is nothing more than a rumor. While Yellow Number 5, also known as “Tartrazine” is used in Mountain Dew and other foods to give a bright lemon yellow color, the FDA has approved its usage by manufactures for food products. Naturally, Tartarazine is also found in other foods and those foods have not caused any supposed shrinkage of men’s genitalia.

In fact this food coloring dye has been used in foods since 1916 and there have been no reports of men experiencing shrinkage of their penises or testicles from consuming foods with this dye.

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